Our Team

Jakub Gorner

Jakub Görner

President, Founder

Jakub Görner is responsible for the European division of Media Solutions. He was educated at the Czech Technical University in Prague and was previously CIO at Lidove Noviny, the oldest newspaper in Central Europe (established in 1893 – see Wikipedia entry). Jakub launched Media Solutions in 2000.

Lukas Zaruba

Lukas Zaruba

Chief Technical Officer

Lukas Zaruba is responsible for the ongoing evolution of all Media Solutions software products. He holds a degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering from the Czech Technical University in Prague. He and his team solve complex engineering tasks and deliver reliable customer solutions on time.


Dominik Plíšek

UI Architect

Dominik Plíšek is responsible for the UI of Media Solutions products. He is a highly skilled web and UI specialist with more than five years of experience in developing user interfaces.

Karol Laurinec

Karol Laurinec

Sales Director

Karol Laurinec manages new business opportunities and builds strong partnerships to ensure customer satisfaction with our software. He holds a Master’s in Business and Marketing from Bratislava Business University (Slovakia). Previous, Karol was Deputy Regional Director for retail and SME business at Tatra Banka and Business Director for TV Tip publishing house.