NAXOS Add-ons (Optional)

NAXOS Optional iPad VieweriPad/iPhone Viewer App

Give your users access to your entire catalog of digital assets when they’re on the road. With NAXOS’s optional iPad/iPhone Viewer App, sales representatives have all the supporting information they might need at hand to close the deal. NAXOS’s powerful search functionality and the ability to send assets by e-mail right away lets you speed responses to client requests for information. With an internet-enabled iPad, you’ll never be caught out looking for that one critical file again. Whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation, image, PDF, or audio/video file, preview it in living color and forward a copy to your client in the format you require.

Orbit Workflow Module

Orbit Workflow is a dedicated workflow software system designed as a plug-in for NAXOS. Its primary function is to automate business processes that are dependent on multiple decision points and users. Orbit lets you capture your processes, associated files, responsible parties, feedback & annotations, approvals, and decision paths in an automated fashion. You design the processes and Orbit keeps them moving forward, alerting responsible parties as needed, time-suspending and prioritizing activities, maintaining file integrity, and keeping your team on track. Moreover, by adding an OLAP tool, Orbit can generate powerful statistics based on sign-offs, check ins/outs, time of moves between nodes in the workflow and other data. This means managers can gain a concrete picture of real performance, bottlenecks and opportunities for process improvement to help the bottom line. Orbit can be implemented in any types of organization including creative agencies, sales companies and others. Additionally, thanks to Media Solutions’ extensive experience in working with publishing companies, we have developed a set of process automation routines tailored to media company operations, including content creation, production and distribution workflows.

E-Commerce Module

Monetize your catalog with NAXOS’s optional e-commerce module. With a standard shopping cart function, users can select digital assets for download and purchase in multiple currencies via the Internet. Assets can be watermarked for preview and different prices can be set depending on the size and format the customer selects for download. The module’s open architecture make it simple to integrate with standard online payment systems for credit cards and with accounting/ERP systems to help you track your sales.


Media Solutions has extensive experience tailoring, modifying and expanding NAXOS functionality to meet diverse business requirements. We have also integrated NAXOS in a broad array of environments. This enables us, wherever possible, to identify ways of extending functionality to meet your needs without changing existing code. On customization projects, we strive to deliver value by ensuring that you pay only for the features you need - and nothing more. Please contact us for further information.