Software Suite

NAXOS 2014

Digital Asset Management 
for Workgroups and Enterprises

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Imagine all of your organization's digital assets, from images, video, podcasts and audio to text-based files like Word docs and PDF’s, searchable and accessible globally from one centrally located, highly secure resource repository. The NAXOS 2014 DAM platform is tuned to deliver results in milliseconds, making your files and archives instantly accessible. Never lose track of your digital assets again.

Contract for Media 2014

Ad Sales Management, CRM and Billing for Media Companies

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Improve your customer relationships, automate business processes and optimize revenue generation with Media Solutions' modern enterprise software for media sales. Contract for Media combines CRM with print, online, broadcast, out-of-home and conference/event advertising management and billing in a robust, multi-user application environment that streamlines your workflow.