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NAXOS is a digital asset management (DAM) software solution which enables content producers – be they workgroups, departments, design studios, local agencies or global enterprises – to gain maximum benefit from the digital content files they create. By providing a single access point to data that can be located on any number of sources, NAXOS offers centralized access, search, re-use and archival of all your digital content. Explore NAXOS's features and benefits below:

Easy Access to All the Content You Create

NAXOS is a robust, open, full-featured digital asset management (DAM) platform that streamlines your workflow and grows with your organization.

NAXOS enables content producers – be they workgroups, departments, design studios, local agencies or global enterprises – to gain maximum benefit from the digital content they create. By providing a single access point to data located on any number of sources, NAXOS offers centralized access, search, reuse and archival of all your digital assets.

NAXOS automatically captures, tags and catalogs files from sources including e-mail accounts, ftp sites, local directories on computers on your network, news agency feeds, photo agencies, stock photo banks, RSS feeds, blogs and many others. You specify the sources and NAXOS will automatically archive them. You’ll always have access to your assets instantly via any web browser. Never lose another file or waste another second wondering which colleague knows where a particular asset is kept.

The Business Case for NAXOS

An investment in a robust DAM solution opens the door to savings and new revenue streams.

  • NAXOS Asset ViewNAXOS’s powerful full-text search engine lets any authorized user access your content quickly and easily, right from their web browser. This reduces failed searches and time spent searching multiple sources such as file servers, workstations and backup media.
  • NAXOS minimizes rework costs and keeps your message consistent by ensuring that your users always access the latest version of any file; it does this by keeping only one master original on hand and converting “on the fly” to the format the user needs.
  • NAXOS increases security and lowers risk by ensuring that the right people have access to the right files. User permissions and digital asset usage rights (e.g. royalty expiry dates) can be set at highly granular or batch levels.
  • Reusing your content can yield new opportunities, revenue streams and customers. NAXOS makes it easy to deliver your digital assets to colleagues, clients, partners, dealers and sales forces for whom they were previously out of reach.
  • Empower your sales force with our iPad/iPhone Viewer App (optional). Suddenly, sales representatives have immediate access to all the materials they need. Detailing presentations, PowerPoint, PDFs and images come alive with a multitouch in beautiful and vivid color.
  • With NAXOS’s Orbit Workflow Module (optional), approvals and reviewing are simplified. A “check-in/check-out” system ensures that only one reviewer can work with a file at a time. In addition, customizable workflow routines can notify reviewers that the project is awaiting their feedback.

The NAXOS Value Proposition

NAXOS offers a wide range of configuration options to meet most needs without customization costs. This is the heart of our unique value proposition: Media Solutions will work with you to configure NAXOS to your needs.

NAXOS PositioningSince the first version of NAXOS was released in 1999, Media Solutions has gained broad experience in implementing the platform worldwide. We’ve learned that while one size doesn’t fit all, there’s also no need to reinvent the wheel in many cases. Hence, Media Solutions’ business model targets the sweet spot between out-of-the-box DAM software (difficult to customize) and enterprise ECM platforms requiring extensive integration (expensive to implement).

By designing more configuration options into each new release of NAXOS, we are able to offer a secure, “industrial-strength” solution that meets most needs for an outstanding price. Media Solutions works with every NAXOS client to match the system to their specific business requirements.

Nevertheless, certain use cases are indeed more complex. For custom functionality and extensive integration projects, NAXOS’s open architecture and industry-standard technology make customization straightforward. Media Solutions will be pleased to work with you on larger-scope projects. Alternately, the team of your choice can use our standard SOAP APIs to fit NAXOS into your broader environment.

Key Features

Web Client for Universal Access

To avoid problems surrounding rich clients on multiple platforms, users access NAXOS from any major web browser and operating system. Our simple, intuitive UI means little or no user learning curve. Data and feature views are customizable.

Naxos Mosaic View
Fast and Precise Search

A highly-tuned, sophisticated search tool makes finding your digital assets easy and incredibly fast. A NAXOS search will deliver results in well under one second. The files found in the search are instantly available to you, all delivered via your web browser.

NAXOS’s search function relies on metadata keywords describing each item. Keywords can be generated according to specific needs and defined in the system configuration.

Beyond keyword search, NAXOS uses a rapid, full-text search engine. Search fields can be specified and include advanced queries containing logical operators and combined search in keywords, tree structures, etc.

Digital Asset Categorization

Digital assets can be organized by categories and logical tree structures for each type of data to support any taxonomy.

Multiple Outputs

As you locate the files you need, you add them to your project cart. You can then output those assets in several ways including: saving to your local machine, auto “copy to clipboard,” bundling and sending to other departments or recipients outside your organization, sending to a production studio for additional processing, or delivering those assets to the web. Files are delivered in the resolution you choose.

File Formats and Metadata

NAXOS can ingest and process all file formats including image, PDF, Office and A/V files. Low- and mid-res thumbnails are generated automatically for the vast majority of common formats, most notably JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, AVI, MPEG, MP3, WAV, PDF, PS, EPS, AI, DOC and XLS among others.

A flexible list of metadata is associated with each item, including:

  • Author
  • Description, size
  • Time of entry
  • Keywords
  • Position in logical hierarchy
  • Other optional info like internal codes
  • Date and location of publishing
  • User name
  • Type-specific metadata (e.g. Dpi, video fps, audio bitrate, etc.)
Publish Assets to the Web

NAXOS makes it simple to publish digital assets to the Internet and create a sales channel with shopping cart and e-commerce functionality (optional). Additionally, watermarks can be added to images to prevent unauthorized use.

NAXOS Optional iPad ViewerView Assets on iPad/iPhone

NAXOS’s optional iPad/iPhone Viewer application allows search and display of your digital assets on the go, in real time. Perfect for sales representatives.

User Settings and Profiles

Profiles offer increased user comfort by allowing clients to display digital assets from only one specific source or author.

System Administration

NAXOS’s web UI includes a dedicated section for system administration. The system administrator’s main tasks are to:

  • create tree structures,
  • categorize documents,
  • generate keyword categories,
  • administer user permissions and
  • adjust data.
Ingestion: Data Sources and Import Plug-ins

Predefined data sources and import plug-ins enable users to monitor, pause, stop and restart importing while the system is in operation.


NAXOS enables automation and scheduling of routine batch manipulation of vast data sources (e.g. erasing/blocking use of assets with expired usage rights).

Feature List

  • Processes all file formats. Automatically tags and indexes digital files including images, PDFs, audio and video clips, text and word processing documents, and desktop publishing documents
  • Files are added to either temporary or permanent storage
  • Full-text and keyword search for all files (in numerous languages)
  • Text files are editable within NAXOS and are version controlled
  • PDF text is extracted and fully searchable
  • Automatic thumbnail creation for ease of orientation
  • Multiple automatic output capabilities: on-the-fly file conversion, export to file servers and e-mail
  • Tree-based data structure
  • Customizable user authorizations
  • Web browser interface for access on multiple platforms
  • Client/server architecture
  • Adaptable system design
  • Data views: mosaic, contents list, or other user-defined formats
  • Internationalization: UI can be translated into multiple languages
  • IPTC/XMP Management (import/export)
  • LDAP Authentification
  • Version control
  • Usage history tracking
  • Image watermarking
  • Application integration with InDesign
  • Definable user/role groups for collaboration and annotationsm
    (via optional Orbit Workflow Module)

Technical Highlights

Interoperability with Other Systems

NAXOS connects and integrates with other products and external systems. NAXOS is based on open, industry-standard technologies including Java, Eclipse, Hibernate, XML, SQL, Google Web Toolkit + SmartGWT and Ajax.

Scalability and Data Structures

NAXOS Optional iPad ViewerScalability is designed into NAXOS; the system can grow with your organization and will never limit the size of your catalog.

The number of items in NAXOS depends primarily on the type of SQL database used, however it can easily exceed 10 million items. Moreover, NAXOS’s full- text search function is based on Apache Lucene Project. This high-performance text search engine library can search millions of items in a few milliseconds.

The volume of data in NAXOS is limited only by the OS and file system used. Additionally, performance is driven by storage, network connection and CPU capacity. When using standard storage media, data volumes can reach hundreds of gigabytes. With special high-performance storage devices, tens of terabytes are possible. We will be pleased to provide more detailed information on optimal system configuration based on concrete project specifications.

Distributed Architecture

NAXOS’s intelligent architecture allows for multiple servers. Hence, global or national organizations/agencies with HQs and local branches can build a distributed system via an intranet or the Internet. This can include local branch archives and simultaneous access to the HQ archive in any configuration.

System Requirements

NAXOS comprises browser-based clients and a core back-end engine with essential services (SQL database, etc.).

Client IE 8/9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
on any OS
Servers & Databases
Note: Database can be located on a separate machine (e.g. dedicated corporate database server)
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
or newer

Linux Server
(64bit, Ubuntu preferred)

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or newer
  • MySQL Enterprise Edition (optionally with support)
  • Oracle Database 11g

  • MySQL Enterprise Edition (optionally with support)
  • Oracle Database 11g

Hardware - Example Configurations
Note: Hardware requirements depend on project needs and involve dedicated machines or virtualized environments.


High Performance

4-core CPU, 4 GB RAM, 250 GB local storage

8-core CPU, 6-10 GB RAM, 1 TB local storage / NAS

24-core CPU, 32 GB RAM, 8 TB SAN storage, often within a virtualized environment

Download NAXOS 2010 Datasheet (PDF)
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