Web Express Publishing

WebExpress Publisher

Manage distribution of digital assets and advertising to multiple online and social channels

Web Express Publishing (WXP) is a suite of open source based software products & modules, custom configurations, integration code, and services designed to facilitate online publishing and audience growth. WXP software and services create and maintain any number of websites and extend your brand to multiple social media channels.

WXP's base platform is a version of Drupal, a highly adaptable CMS platform with a robust core and thousands of functional plug-in modules, which is supported by a community of developers worldwide. Media Solutions adds custom code, modules and integration services that are designed expressly for media companies and content publishers. WXP and its services make it easy to deliver multi-source media and advanced web functionality.

Seamless integration with NAXOS 2010 DAM platform and Contract for Media 2010
ad server

While WXP's core platform is effective as a standalone CMS, WXP also integrates tightly with NAXOS, our digital asset management platform, and the Orbit Workflow Module to dynamically create sites from your catalog of digital media assets. Moreover, WXP's integrated banner ad server links to Contract for Media 2010, allowing WXP to place banners and ad run details automatically, for a unified content, advertising and digital publishing system.

Online publishers can use WXP to create and deploy advanced web media properties that include advanced functions including:

(Apple iPhone)

  • NEW: Custom iPhone app integration
  • Social network integration
    • Facebook
    • YouTube
    • LinkedIn
    • MySpace
    • Twitter
    • Technorati
    • Flickr
    • Many others social media
  • Web advertising
  • Blogs
  • Syndicated content
  • Newsletters
  • Multimedia content (audio, video)
  • Photo galleries
  • Podcasting
  • Community forums
  • User comments
  • Polls
  • User ranking/scoring
  • E-commerce
  • File uploads/downloads
  • RSS feeds

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